From: Sam England


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,


Are you on the edge and lay awake at night worrying about what you will do if you suddenly discover that your PayPal account has been closed, your YouTube videos have been deleted, or all of your websites have been deindexed by Google?

So long as you rely on third party companies for your income stream, then you are at risk of having your business shut down by a minimum wage employee who doesn't give a shit if you need to feed your family and pay your bills...


Gary Halbert even suggested that the minimum wage employee with his finger on the nuke button joyfully pushed the button because he was jealous of your success...and felt it his duty to piss someone off that particular day...


Think about all the websites that have been getting slapped and deindexed by Google in the last couple of years. Are you confident that your business model is one that can survive existing and future TOS changes at Google. It almost seems like Google is making new changes on a weekly basis, and they are attempting to move into the retail market place as a seller rather than an advertiser...


E-Commerce is by far the safest, most legitimate, respected and lasting business model that you should consider in these dangerous economic times. This business model is one that does not trigger PayPal red flags and and account locks, because you will be dealing with physical products rather than digital downloads.

Now is the time to seriously consider Drop Shipping and what it could mean for you and your family.


Sam Walton Became the Richest Man
On the Planet Selling Other People's Stuff...
With Drop Shipping, You Can
Make A Lot Of Money Too...


Drop Shipping, selling other companies products, collecting the money and never laying my hands on anything. That's the true key to my success, and if you follow my instructions, you can also create a business that will enable you to have the wealth and the lifestyle that you want and deserve.

The hardest thing about Drop Shipping is finding reliable wholesalers and the Drop Shipping University, I will give you over the shoulder access to finding these dropshippers quickly and easily, within a few hours or days...


I hear people telling me all the time that they have tried Drop Shipping in the past and it never worked out for them. I can honestly tell you why they failed...BECAUSE THEY GAVE UP TOO SOON, WITH TOO LITTLE EFFORT...


I have been selling product thru dropshipping online since 2003, and I have probably sold more products than you have earned in a lifetime!! This doesn't make me better or smarter than you, but it does mean that I can set a goal and follow thru better than you have until NOW...


Even if your a Total Newbie, my NEW Drop Shipping University course is exactly what you have been hoping to find for so long...


Now I am delivering the goods to you...


You will have instant access to over my shoulder step by step videos that will help achieve faster results than you have been able to achieve on your own, without help.


This is the ultimate Newbies guide that will teach you everything you need to know to start making money with drop shipping right away...


So I want to ask you…

Have you ever wondered about or
even considered drop shipping?
There are a lot of benefits…

  • Quit working that 9 to 5 job and only work the hours that YOU want to work.

  • Earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars per day working from the leasure of your own home.

  • Very, very low startup and maintenance costs involved.

  • No need for a warehouse full of products or hiring employees and dealing with payroll.

  • No more need for large, expensive bulk wholesale orders.

  • You can live and operate your business easily from anywhere in the world.

  • Enjoy the pride that comes with owning your very own successful and profitable business.


Let me tell you a bit about me…I'm not a fancy big name marketer, but I have been banking 5 figures a month for years now with very little cost and very little work on my part, doing nothing but drop shipping.

Selling other companies products and never having to put my hands on them. I have been quietly working from my own home office “my cave” and telling very few people what I do or even how I do it…


Believe me when I say I failed at first but when I finally found out where to find reliable drop shippers and found a FREE shopping cart platform that works best for me I never looked back. I have also found the best plugins for this shopping cart that makes my sites sell products like hot cakes.


I spent almost 2 years just testing various add-ons for this particular shopping cart and uncovered the best ones that actually work…helping me pump sales and traffic to my sites…making me lots of money year after year!


What I offering here is my step by step, over my shoulder access to how I find reliable drop shippers without going thru all of the crapping whole sellers list and membership sites that offer totally saturated lists of drop shippers.

How to build your own websites using FREE WordPress shopping cart and then utilize certain plugins to get more bang out of your websites!

So here I am, offering to spill the beans and show you exactly how I do this over and over…


I will teach you everything it takes to successfully sell online, right down to the last detail.


You'll learn exactly how to correctly source products, set up a fully customized and search engine friendly stores, market your products, process payments, and more! Nothing is left behind.

Here's a sample of what
you'll discover inside
Drop Shipping University...

  • This 21 videos series course will show you how you can set up a professional E-Commerce website in no time flat! You can list unlimited products!

  • The simple truth about finding reliable wholesalers and drop shippers, and how easy it is to locate closeouts and showroom just a few minutes...It's really alot easier than you think.

  • How to generate massive traffic and sales from Google Shopping for FREE!

  • Insider product sourcing secrets that can get you the profit margins you need to succeed!

  • How to buy from the same wholesale distributors that major retail stores deal with. You will be able to mark up items 40-150% and still beat the competitions prices!

  • Top secret eCommerce marketing methods that will get your products in front of thousands of customers fast!

  • Overcome hurdles you'll find when attempting to sell you products and how to leap those hurdles like your a gold medal sprinter at the Olympics!

  • Discover how to choose the perfect products to sell online and offline. Learn which simple products will bring in the biggest profit margins.

  • And much, much more!



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Holiday Goldmine

  • How to find products for up to 90% below wholesale prices (can you imagine the profit margins?).

  • I'll tell you exactly how to cut out the middle man so you can purchase wholesale products for pennies on the dollar.

  • The key formula for making big money on online and offline with surplus, liquidation and wholesale closeout merchandise!

10 - Drop Shipping Essentials

1 - The Newbies Guide To Becoming a
Successful DropShipper


2 - Drop Shipping University MindMap


And Much Much More...

2+ Hours Q&A Webinar Replay


Why in The World am I Selling This Valuable Information?

Recently I have been asked by a few people who were curious as to why I am giving away this valuable knowledge. I've also been told I'm crazy for putting this out there in the first place.


OK, I know it may not make me very popular with some people, but the answer is...


First, you know what? I've been burned more than once and NO MORE!!!! Too many people have asked me about this and I don't want anyone to get burned like I have in the past!


Second, I'm sick of all the internet "hype" of so called GURU'S telling you this product and that product is hot so buy them from us and you'll line your pockets with massive amounts of cash! That's BS and I am personally sick of it...


Third, Not only do I believe in helping other people out, but I like to see others have the great success that I have had with dropshipping since 2003. It's a wonderful business and I just want to show people how to be successful themselves.


Test Drive My 60 Day
Risk Free Money Back Guarantee...



I'm so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you get my 100% Money back Guarantee. If you don't like the sound of me, what I have to say, what I write about, or you plain think it stinks - I will send you your money back in full and without delay.

If it is not absolutely everything I claim it to be...send me an immediate email and I will not only give you a prompt, no-hassle, no-questions asked 100% refund, but I will even let you keep the course plus all the bonuses as my way of saying "thank you for trying DropShipping University."

Now I know that is a bold thing to do, but I can do it and stay in business because I know that once you get this product your going to love it.

There are no catches to this offer. There is no fine print. Simply order DropShipping University, learn from it for 2 months if you aren't utterly blown away by it just return it for a No questions asked. No Hassles Refund.

I know my DropShipping University is everything, I say and more. But of course you don't know that yet, and why should you believe me?


So, just to erase any doubts you may still have, I offer you my personal unconditional promise of finding reliable wholesalers with my 60 day money back guarantee.


If you want to return it for any reason -- Do It! I'll send you a complete refund immediately - no quibbles, no hard feelings!



WARNING: This Offer Will NOT Be Open Forever

I implicitly reserve the right to remove this offer at any time WITHOUT notification.

Let me be honest with you. Due to high demand for DropShipping University I reserve the right to remove the bonuses, raise the price, or close this offer down completly to retain the quality of instruction for people who join the DropShipping University inner circle.

Once this offer is removed it is gone for good.

I simply can't have an unlimited number of DropShipping University name floating around on the web.

So you need to take the time-right now to get the NO-RISK, trial offer and see how DropShipping University can help you get on the right track with drop shipping and start making tons of money today.



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