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Dropshipping University (known as DSU to its community members) is an educational collective and e-learning platform serving the next generation of digital entrepreneurs. DSU provides the tools and knowledge for passionate Dropshippers worldwide and empowers its members to enjoy a lifestyle of freedom they deserve! 

DSU empowers its community to create lives of financial freedom and professional independence while quickly generating income!

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Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and learn e-commerce strategies, tips, and updates with the Dropshipping University community.
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Hear what the members of Dropshipping University have to say about their experiences and achievements!
  • "I wanted to share this with my fellow DSU students. A very celebratory day for me and my team! Thank you to everyone here for this great community of folks helping each other!"
    Joseph - USA
  • "Just wanted to update you guys with my monthly sales! Are there any other international folks here? 🤑"
    Stanimir - Bulgaria
  • "I've finally climbed the 100k sales mountain, and I'm enjoying the view! Thank you Tom and thank you to this cool group of entrepreneurs!"
    Ezabella - USA
  • Claire Davidson

    eBay Monthly Sales: $18,000
    I got my first $200+ profit day yesterday, less than two months into this manual method. Did this with only 10 sales too! Manual Dropshipping is the best.
  • Daniel Buckley

    eBay Monthly Sales: $20,000
    I've been scaling up my store since December. Finally had my first month of 20k in sales. Thanks Tom and Jason for the amazing course and continued support and content.
  • Brian Williams

    eBay Monthly Sales: $100,000
    Boom! My account is on track up to 80k this month, let’s go baby, 100k all the way up! It feels really good to be back, let's keep this going! Hope everyone else is killin' it today!
  • Juan Herrera

    eBay Monthly Sales: $8,000
    First month of Dropshipping had a lot of learning to do, but it's worth it! I did over 8K this month with 2 VAs! Had a VeRO violation but still selling about 8 items per day!
  • CJ Jones

    eBay Monthly Sales: $5,000
    I just started my store and I have to admit, not too bad getting back into the swing of things after a 3 year layoff. Definitely appreciate all of the information in the course, it’s been a great help! 😎😎
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Recent Courses From DSU

The ultimate Dropshipping course catalog
for eager entrepreneurs who want to reach their financial goals

eBay Wholesale Dropshipping Masterclass

Learn how to build a profitable eBay wholesale Dropshipping business step-by-step...

  117 lessons
  191 students

Virtual Assistant (VA) Mastery Course

The ultimate guide to hiring and managing VAs to scale your Dropshipping business...

  30 lessons
  317 students

eBay Wholesale Dropshipping Free Training

Start Dropshipping today risk-free with eBay Wholesale free training...

  4 lessons
  1179 students

Ultimate Guide to Manual eBay Dropshipping

This flagship course instructs students how to start, scale, and sustain a manual Dropship...

  881 students

6-Figure Amazon Dropshipping Blueprint

Comprehensively designed for Dropshippers using the #1 largest e-commerce platform!...

  82 lessons
  194 students

Manual eBay Dropshipping Free Training

Learn the basics of setting up & running your manual eBay Dropshipping store...

  5919 students

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