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Dropshipping University is an educational collective and e-learning platform – serving the next generation of digital entrepreneurs.

In 2017, fraternity brothers Thomas Cormier (eCom Tom) and Jason Meunier embarked on a journey that would ultimately revolutionize the Dropshipping industry.

After a year of running highly profitable Dropshipping stores, the two decided to create a partnership that would serve the greater community of aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

Experiencing first-hand the series of knowledge gaps plaguing the Dropshipping community, the team decided to consolidate and improve the many disparate Dropshipping information channels.

This existing demand for relevant and actionable Dropshipping strategies, gave rise to the present educational collective referred to as ‘DSU’.

Since the inception of Dropshipping University, the e-learning platform has helped transform the lives of over 10,000 students across 6 continents!

DSU currently offers a suite of Dropshipping resources and a wide selection of e-commerce products designed to cover the many needs of its community members.

I left my chemical engineering job to pursue Dropshipping full-time. My unconventional career pivot has empowered me to unlock my full potential by helping thousands of other entrepreneurs!

After graduating college and faced with the reality of looming student debt, I was able to generate over 6-figures in under 6 months Dropshipping - now I'm eager to help my students do the same!

Paving the way as an educational collective, we are rewiring the way e-commerce business owners work and support each other. We are dedicated to providing our community with the required knowledge and resources for guided success.

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